About Me

My mission is simple create stuff like art, craft & have fun while making-a-different. As my friend Will Smith would say if you not making a different,
you are wasting your time.

Which bring me to another friend Kenny Chesney"Don't Blink" yeah I have a lot of friends teaching me wisdom.

Like Al Gore WARNING US above the danger of pollution actually I was
environmentally friendly before he was, as child I told adults not
to waste food, water and electricity. Guess I always use my common sense. My thought process even as a child was…. there is only planet eventually we will run out of resources. "Green Lives Matter"Read my Free Book at www.EcoFyi.com

Each off us have a roll to play in reversing Climate Change which is threatening human existent this very minute, sounds crazy I know. But that’s is the problem. Most people are clueless of how DYER this is or how they are contributing earth destruction everyday on so many level.

Every year killer storms, floods, and fires are becoming more & more deadly, because of the foot-print of (8 Billion) people impacting everything in our environment from car emissions to plastic pollution. Case and point every 100 years storms are happening now in less than 50 year, soon these will with-in 10 years to 1 year where will you BE when these storms are happening monthly… game over my friend or soon after.

Oh man if you only knew how close we are to going over the cliff. If you knew you would move now like your chair is on fire.
At the very lease practice 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and most of all, “Ask, Listen & Learn” so you can educate your love ones or anyone who will listen. If not for yourself do it for the future generations. As Spike Lee would say "DO THE RIGHT THING" XOXO.

Gene Mills
Live From Los Angeles, CA